ErbaVoglio Formaggi

Antica latteria Erbavoglio

"ErbaVoglio", in the footsteps of the old "Maison de la Fontina"

All started from our desire to rivive oneof the historic dairy shops of Aosta, the “Maison de la Fontina”.  The dairy shop is known for the excellent selectionof Valle d’Aosta cheeses since 1935 and it is standing out for itsgreat  finishing cellar that you are welcome to visit.

The meaning of the store's name "Erbavoglio" is "I want to eat grass" (erba = grass, voglio = want). We chose this name because our intention is to promote and sell the cheeses that traditionally come from the best mountain pastures.

Antica latteria di Aosta
Luna sas di Stefano Lunardi
Rue Monseigneur de Sales, 14
Angolo Piazza della Cattedrale - Aosta 11100