ErbaVoglio Formaggi


During the renovation of the old dairy shop the architect Michele Saulle paid extra attention to the valorization of the exposed stonewall, once hidden by the plaster, and to the small arch with a spectacular old column that may date back to the 5th century.  

For the setting of the shop we chose the light and delicately scented spruce wood. The planks on which our cheeses age for many months are made of the red spruce wood.

In the shop you will find a wide selection of cheeses of Valle d'Aosta and many niche products of local family-run companies: marmalade, honey, jellies, biscuits, breadsticks, fruit juices, wines, spirits and much more. All products are carefully selected and presented with the aim to promote small businesses that operate in the region of Valle d'Aosta.

Vini valdostani...ottimi abbinamenti ai nostri formaggi

Colonna...un piccolo frammento della storia di Aosta direttamente nel negozio Erbavoglio

Antica latteria di Aosta
Luna sas di Stefano Lunardi
Rue Monseigneur de Sales, 14
Angolo Piazza della Cattedrale - Aosta 11100