ErbaVoglio Formaggi


The affinage...with patience and dedication

Aging cheese, also known as affinage, is an important step in the production of cheese that changes its flavor and structure.
Brushing, turning upside down and controlling are just some of the operations that allow our cheeses to transform and improve over time and, finally, to reach the counter of our shop Erbavoglio! Our cellar is known as one of the best cheese cellars of Aosta. For much of the year, the cellar uses a cooling and moisturing system to keep the environment suitable for aging. Every day that passes is a small step towards the optimal cheese ripening. The brushing and turning upside down of cheeses is constant and can continue for a long time. 

We will be pleased to show you our cellar when you visit our shop.

Have a look at our pictures below!

Osservare prima di tutto!

Il rivoltamento

La spazzolatura in cantina...

Il ritorno sulle assi di abete

La tracciabilità, numeri che contano!

Antica latteria di Aosta
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