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Passion for quality since 1937

In 1937 Mr. Giuseppe Gnemaz decided to open the first milk and cheese store of the center of Aosta, replacing the tailor’s shop of his mother Carolina. There are many stories about the first years of the store marked by the second world war. During wartime the milk was rationed and Annetta, Giuseppe’s wife, used to distribute a smaller amount to rich customers, in order to provide a more generous supply to poor people. 

During the winter months the main cheese supplier was the dairy of Ville sur Nus (Quart). Giuseppe used to pick up the milk also in the few stalls in the center of Aosta and those in the Saint Martin de Corléans street. In summer he used to go every day to the pastures Menouve in Etroubles and La Bau in Saint Rhémy to buy fresh Fontina and mountain cheeses and make them age in his cellar under the shop.

From 1969 to 1998, the dairy shop was taken over by the family Lale Gerard from Saint-Pierre. After the store was run by Mrs. Adriana Cera, a very lovely and able woman that many still remember behind the counter. Later the store passed into the hands of Massimiliano Gabelli and Stefania Crestani who ran it until 2008. After their departure from Valle d'Aosta no one was interested in the tradition of selling dairy products. The dairy remained closed until December 2011, when Stefano Lunardi decided to reopen its doors to residents and tourists that search for good quality regional cheeses. Fielding his experience and knowledge gained over the years through research, study and contacts with local farmers and cheese producers, he decided to promote the regional production of grass-fed cheeses. Actually, since 2012 the sign of the store is "Erbavoglio". Check the meaning here.

In alpeggio a caricare formaggi!

Alpeggio nella Valle del Gran San Bernardo, Valle d'Aosta

La spazzolatura in cantina...

Saint Martin de Corléans, il latte!

L'articolo che raccontava l'amarezza della chiusura della latteria

Antica latteria di Aosta
Luna sas di Stefano Lunardi
Rue Monseigneur de Sales, 14
Angolo Piazza della Cattedrale - Aosta 11100