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Knowing the pastures and farmers

The grass eaten by grazing animals is the basis of high quality milk and cheeses. Therefore it is important for us to know which flowers bloom on our mountain pastures and make sure that breeders use correct feeding and care practices.
Our activities does not include only aging and selling cheeses but also moving on the territory of Valle d' Aosta in order to know more about the farmers, their stories, their production techniques and all those aspects that can improve the quality of their products. We believe that our cheeses are not just what you can read on their labels. Behind them there are also passion, hard work and human stories. We want to share them with you!

"I tasted a delicious cheese and i'm curious to know where it comes from and what made it become so unique."

"The best cheeses from the mountain pastures" is our mission statement that leads us to search for places of quality production, revealing the faces of those who work with passion and produce exquisite cheeses as a result of excellent cheese making techniques and delicious mountain milk.

At the moment we can't ensure that all our cheeses come from the grass-fed animals, but we select carefully the farmers that provide us with high quality cheeses. Through the collaboration with these farmers we aim to enhance the production of cheeses that come from cows raised naturally on a grass-fed diet, as is the case of Renquefleur from Val d'Ayas and Toma dell'Ourty from Champorcher that you can find in our dairy shop.

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