ErbaVoglio Formaggi


Erbavoglio offers a catering service based on high-quality cheeses aged in our cellar, combined with delicious products produced by small farmers in Valle d'Aosta. 

Immagine an old wooden box with alpine seasoned Toma cheese or originally shaped goat cheese, chopping boards made of walnut and spruce with fresh tomini and selected Fontina cheeses from high mountain pastures.
Our food preparation and catering reflect the territory and the history of mountain people and offers genuine local products characterised by intense aromas and unique flavors. 

For more information and quotes please do not hesitate to contact us.

Antica latteria di Aosta
Luna sas di Stefano Lunardi
Rue Monseigneur de Sales, 14
Angolo Piazza della Cattedrale - Aosta 11100