ErbaVoglio Formaggi


Cheese box for a home made tasting

Our Cheese gift box is original and modern: you will give not only cheese, but also moments of pleasure, offering the possibility to discover Valle d'Aosta through different quality products made by small regional farmers. It will be sufficient to discard the cheeses, expose the descriptive labels and open the jams included in the box! 

The Cheese box Erbavoglio includes 4 traditional cheeses representing the local dairy production of Valle d'Aosta and 4 products to be combined with them (marmalade, honey, mustards). The design of the package is reminiscent of a barn with cows, where cows are replaced by cheeses and the manger space is dedicated to sweet and salty pairings. In the package you will find also a brief description of each cheese and the order of tasting

You can customize your box by choosing any of our cheeses and other products according to your taste and your ideas.

Cheese box da 4 formaggi vaccini e due abbinamenti sfiziosi

Degustazione per quattro persone: formaggi di capra e dolci abbinamenti

Cheese box dedicato ad un formaggio con abbinamento vino e marmellata

Cheese box con formaggi, abbinamenti e una Cornaille, simbolo del gioco di un tempo

Birre e formaggi? Perchè no!

Quattro formaggi e un buon vino!

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